Organized for Quality

  • The President manages the people and human processes that deliver finished documents to our clients, making sure they are done right and are on time.
  • The Chief Operating Officer ensures that all the technology required to make the process easy and effortless for our clients is working every hour of every day of the year.
  • The Customer Support team solves most of our clients’ inquiries on the first phone call, without transfers. They are manufacturer trained and certified to support our clients with the highest level of competency.
  • Every transcriptionist is part of a Quality Team. That team is responsible for only one or a few clients to ensure familiarity with the authors and their individual document style preferences. This leads to a personalized, printer-ready finished work from us.
  • Each Quality Team is directed by a Quality Team Leader who proofs every single document before it is delivered to our clients. This second pair of eyes and ears elevates the quality of documents transcribed by TASK into a class of their own.
  • Every one of these individuals is located inside the USA.

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